Beautiful Brows Color Browm Marron

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STEP 1. Start by prepping your tint mixture.

Combine 1cm of tint and 3 drops of the Cream Developer into the Dappen Dish and mix together until a spreadable consistency.

STEP 2. Once your tint is ready, prep your skin by making sure all makeup is removed. Using Vaseline / Petroleum Jelly apply a moisture barrier around your brows (to prevent from any staining slips ups) Just a thin layer underneath your arch and above your tail is usually all you need.

STEP 3. Using a tint brush, gather the tint on the brush and comb it through your brows. Make sure each hair is coated and shaped the way you want it.

STEP 4. Wait up to 5-7 minutes depending on your desired depth of colour. Wait for about 10 minutes if you like them extra dark. You can tell when it's time to remove it because the colour sets.

STEP 5. To remove, simply use a Tint/ Make up remover and cotton pad to rub the mixture off.

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